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ASH1 mRNA Localization in 3 Acts

Dale L. Beach and Kerry Bloom

Figure 7: GFP-Yta6 localizes to the maternal cortex

GFP-Yta6 in Wildtype (YEF473a) cells. Video Sequence 9.

Spots of GFP-Yta6 remain on the maternal cortex until late in the cell cycle. Anaphase onset can be observed via HistoneH4-CFP staining of the chromatin, and compared to the accumulation of GFP-Yta6 in the bud.


  • Top/Left: brightfield
  • Top/Right: GFP-Yta6
  • Bottom/Left: Chromatin (HistoneH4-CFP)
  • Bottom/Right: Composite of GFP + CFP

GFP-Yta6-ASH1 3’UTR with CP-GFP in Wildtype (YEF473a) cells. Video Sequence 10.

The localization of the GFP-YTA6-ASH1 mRNA and protein can be observd during the accumulation of Yta6-GFP-ASH1 fusion protein into the bud.